Blue Mountain Chalets: A Great Place For A Family Holiday

By A.Noton

The Blue Mountain area in the vicinity of Ontario, Canada is the ideal spot for a perfect family holiday. It makes no difference which time of the year you go, there will at any time be hordes of things to see and even more to do. For the active family it does not get any better than a holiday in one of the Blue Mountain chalets.

For a family or 4 or more, chalet accommodation makes perfect sense cost wise if compared to a stay in a hotel. Should you stay in a hotel, you will have to rent at least two rooms, which will sharply increase the cost of your holiday. To pay for two rooms in a hotel for a week or more will make a serious dent in the family budget and simply mean that there is a lot less money available to do all the things that you planned to do.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that if you opt to stay in a hotel, it won’t have any facilities where you can prepare meals for your family. All of you will therefore have to eat out every single meal, whether in a restaurant at the hotel or somewhere in town. This is bound to sharply escalate your holiday expenses and once again cause you to have less money to spend on other activities.


Something else that a chalet holiday provides in abundance, especially compared to a hotel holiday, is space. Most chalets are very spacious. There will most likely be a living room area where family members can play games, watch television or simply unwind and read a book. You will also often find a large kitchen counter where there are bar stools, so the whole family can get together for a meal or a few drinks.

Temperatures in the Blue Mountain area can plummet during winter. For this reason many chalets in the area have fireplaces around which all family members can get really comfortable on a long winter evening. There is simply no way that an electric heater in a hotel room can ever be compared to the ambiance provided by a crackling log fire. These cozy evenings will become some of your fondest family members in future years.

Other facilities provided by many of these chalets are things like pool tables, private swimming pools and even hot tubs. A pool table is ideal to while away the quiet hours of a long rainy evening. Afterward jump into the hot tub before going to bed. And on a hot day there’s nothing as refreshing as a dip in your own private pool. If you don’t have a private swimming pool, there will most likely be a communal pool close by.

Staying in a chalet doesn’t cut you off from the activities in the surrounding area. You can eat out every evening if you want and do so in a different restaurant if that’s your choice. There are sufficient restaurants in the vicinity to please every palate. If the children want pizza and mom and dad want a cozy candle-lit dinner, there’s no reason why everyone can’t have exactly what they want.

Blue Mountain chalets provide the perfect family holiday in so many ways. There such a lot to see and to do in the immediate area that nobody will ever be bored. There are activities and entertainment for all age groups and every single family member will return home feeling refreshed and ready to face life’s challenges again.

About the Author: Planning to ski or snowboard but don’t have a place to stay? Save money by staying in Blue Mountain chalets instead of hotels. Enjoy the comfort of a home while being close to the mountain in a Blue Mountain cottage. With breathtaking views and in an area with many unique experiences, you’re bound to enjoy yourself.


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