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Having a vehicle is a cool idea; especially if its a van. You can use your van for shopping, as a family car, and probably for picnic with your pals. Vans can be awesome for anyone who wants to create a mobile station too. From a beverage joint, small time eatery, to a mini bar, vans will make the best options if you have a limited space.

One way that vans kill it is when converted into a work station. If your work requires lots of movements like any of those options that I have mentioned before, you should customize your van to a suitable office. You will need to create an ambiance that perfectly fits your type of work. So how do you make this work?

How is it possible?

Reinforce your Vans Flooring

Irrespective of your type of work you will need more space in your van. A reinforced flooring panel will create more room, and gives you a stronger base to work on. The best option to go with is a non-slip finish. A heavy duty flooring panel made from aluminum or birch plywood would be a great option. For a fact, these two flooring that I have mentioned are waterproof and highly resistant to oils and acids.

Bring Superior Interior Lining

Normal walls that your van has are prone to wear and tear (damages). In order to protect the interior walls and improve the longevity of the van, customized interior lining would be the best design to look at. Aluminum tread-plates or plastic can be brought in. Consider any type of material thats easy to clean, install, or maintain. Additionally they should easily fit with other dcor options say the best Estanterias Furgonetas.

Get Friendly Cables/ Adapters

Probably you intend to use your laptop to make your work flow. You could even want additional devices that may also require more power. If thats the case, youll have to modify your van to suit every device that will require electrical power up or charging. Bringing in USB power adapters, car-friendly cables, or any other standard outlets for your car is often advisable.

Fix in Panels, Shelves and Racks

The best Estanterias Furgonetas will come in customized panels and racks. Racks are essential for creating more space and giving more room for easy movement. Racking frames for instance are fixed using screws or spring steel threaded clips. Panels on the other hand can be fixed using screws and are super ideal for creating a safe work environment free of cuts, friction, and hazards during use.

Create a Disposal Mechanism Too

There is definitely going to be waste, rubbish, and other non reusable products. This needs a well designed disposal mechanism: one that wont litter the environment nor leave your van smelling of odor. Bins with removable dividers, pull out boxes, rubber mats, and aluminum dividers can be used.


The other things that I have also tried before and found to have the best results are enabling tethered internet access via mobile phones, designing safe/ lockable lockers, creating drawer units, and stiff table (workbench area).

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