Cosmetic Dentistry And Dental Surgery Not A Part Of Nhs Dental Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery – not a part of NHS dental treatment


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Dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry are not covered under NHS dental treatment. NHS treatment only includes procedures like dentures, bridges and crowns. It is provided for free in most of the dental practices, UK. Actually NHS treatment is a health scheme introduced by the UK Govt. to help those people who cannot arrange enough money to look after their oral health. It is worth mentioning here that treatments like dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics etc. are among the most crucial dental treatments that must be taken from recognised dental experts. In UK, only a few dental practices can be relied upon for providing these dental treatments. Stanley Dental is also one of such names that help you in getting rid of your dental problems in an easy way. In this article, I am going to discuss about the dental treatments provided by Stanley Dental Practice including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery. We also provide NHS dental treatment.

There is a long list of treatments covered under cosmetic dentistry. These include teeth whitening, invisalign treatment, dental implants and many more. There can be numerous reasons for getting cosmetic dentistry. Some of the various possible reasons may be discoloured teeth, improper teeth alignment, gapped teeth, crooked teeth, gum recession and tooth wear or even a gummy smile. Tooth whitening is one of the most important procedures of cosmetic dentistry. Through this procedure you can get rid of teeth which got discoloured due to excessive intake of tea, coffee, and other products rich in caffeine. During invisalign treatment, the dental experts help in correcting your teeth alignment. It helps in straightening the crooked and gapped teeth. This treatment is advancement in the traditional teeth straightening in which metal braces were used. Dental implants are also a kind of cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps in treating the problem of missing tooth. Dental implants are a great long-term option to have fixed teeth. At Stanley Dental, we are accomplished at achieving amazing results with the cosmetic dentistry treatments we provide.


Stanley Dental is one of the few names in the list of dental practices relied upon by people for hygienic and safe cosmetic dentistry procedure. Other than cosmetic dentistry, we also provide dental surgery, facial aesthetics, 3D imaging, invisalign, sedation, iNMAN aligner etc. All these treatments and surgeries are set in very hygienic and fresh environment. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are highly qualified and we continue to further our knowledge and skills by being committed to a programme of continual learning. All the staff members working with us are well qualified and experts of their respective fields. We also facilitate these treatments for free under NHS dental treatment scheme. There are certain conditions under which one can avail free dental treatments. Our dentists and dental care professionals pride themselves on ensuring that each patient experiences best individual attention during dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry and all other dental treatments. For getting an appointment, please visit:

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