Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Miracle Creams: Both Promise Results, But Which Delivers?

Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Miracle Creams: Both Promise Results, But Which Delivers?


Jeff Hewson

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our faces as we get older is often the telltale sign of our true age. You may physically feel many years younger, but unfortunately, sometimes our faces give our best-kept secret away. It comes as no surprise, then, that more and more women are constantly looking for new ways to make their face appear younger. From supposed miracle serums and creams, to massages and nutrition, there is nothing that we wont try in an attempt to conceal our age.


Every year, thousands of new products come on the market, each claiming to be the-next-big-thing and promising to turn back the hands of time. We take a look at some treatment (both surgical and non-surgical) options available to women and men, and examine which method is best and will deliver the best long-term results. Face Lift Creams: There are many creams on the market who proclaim to deliver the same results as a facelift, a simple Google search will deliver a plethora of results, with hundreds of cosmetic manufacturers claiming to have created the new miracle cream with the use of pentipeptides and other agents. Many users swear by these products, but their effectiveness has not yet been clinically proven. However, for those who do not want to consider more invasive ant-aging techniques such as surgery, face lift creams may be a more appealing option. Non-Surgical Face Lift: There are many non-surgical procedures now available to patients, most of which operate by heating the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis) in an effort to trigger a healing response from the bodys natural defence. This healing process encourages increased collagen production, and therefore, claims to give patients the appearance of younger-looking skin. Mini-facelift: Perhaps the least invasive method of all facelift surgeries is the mini-facelift, a procedure which gives patients a significant improvement in their appearance whilst keeping scarring to an absolute minimum. This in turn reduces the bruising and recovery time significantly, when compared to that of a standard facelift. Standard Facelift: When most people think of cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of the face, they think of the standard facelift. In this procedure, incisions are made just above the hairline at the temples, and extend to the hairline behind the ear. The skin and muscle below is then tightened, and fat is trimmed from around the chin and neck to improve contouring. The skin is then pulled back and secured with stitches to close the incisions. There is a period of recovery associated with the full facelift, but when it comes to turning back the hands of time, most patients are delighted with the results. Whilst the less invasive options may provide short-term results, visibly, the effects of the product often take weeks to appear, compared to the instantaneous outcome of surgical procedures, such as the mini and standard face lifts. These non-invasive products will suit those who want to avoid the surgery route, but those who desire immediate, long-term results, are best looking in to procedures such as a mini or standard face lift. For more information on Face Lifts Toronto, consult your local cosmetic surgery consultant, who will be able to advice on the best treatment option for you.

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