Ensure Your Septic System Functions Properly With Septic Tank Pumping In Des Moines Iowa

byAlma Abell

The septic system is perhaps the most important advance in the individual treatment of household sewage and yet, many people don’t really understand the system. For instance, a lot of folks think that their septic system should function without any trouble for many years. The truth is, a normally working septic system should be cleaned every few years and a heavily used one should have Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa every two years. Sometimes you can extend this time with additives, but you need to be careful what you put into the tank to avoid altering its anaerobic environment.

The septic system functions by allowing the heavy waste to settle at the bottom and the effluent (wastewater) to rise and eventually drain away. This allows the water to filter into the surrounding soil and percolate slowly into the local water table. The remaining waste is slowly consumed by bacteria and enzymes. Unfortunately, there is only a certain amount of proteins that can be eliminated in this fashion leaving a lot of solid matter that will eventually fill the tank. When this occurs, the sewage will need to find somewhere to go.

The first place that excess sewage will attempt to drain to is the field lines, sometimes known as leach lines. Unfortunately, this can clog the lines since the denser sewage cannot escape properly. When these lines get full, the sewage will either leak out of the top of the tank or back up into your home. The latter can leave a disgusting mess which is extremely difficult to clean. The former can cause large, nasty puddles in your yard and is usually when people realize they have a problem.

Older septic systems are often buried and may be difficult to locate. This may require the owner to do a little work and uncover the tank lid. Newer tanks will have an access point which makes them easier to clean. Make sure that you mention this when you call about Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa. Some contractors will locate the tanks for you while others simply want to vacuum them out. If the system has overflowed, then you may also want to discuss cleaning the leach lines to remove any solid waste that may have accumulated there. Visit the website and read full info here.