How A Throat Doctor In Fort Myers Can Help You

byAlma Abell

A throat doctor in Fort Myers provides you with treatment for conditions that affect the ears, nose, and throat. This includes allergies, chronic ear infections, and possible hearing loss. Your ears, nose, and throat doctor evaluates your condition to determine the underlying cause, make a diagnosis, and establish the most effective treatment option. To learn more about proper treatment for these conditions contact Dr. Mark Montgomery today.

How a Throat Doctor Can Help You


Throat doctors present you with a wealth of services to establish why you have significant throat irritation, post nasal drip, and auditory conditions. These doctors establish why these conditions are present when there is not an evidence of illnesses such as colds or flu. The doctor will perform tests to verify potential allergies and other disorders which could present you with hindrances such as hearing loss.

Allergy Testing

Your doctor can establish to which histamines you are allergic. The doctor will inject your skin with common histamines which you cause an allergic reaction. The testing continues until the doctor has established which histamines cause a reaction or which have been completely ruled out as a potential allergy.

Local Throat Doctor

Dr. Mark Montgomery provides medical attention for conditions that affect the ears, nose, and throat. This doctor presents you with effective treatment and testing for these conditions. This includes allergy testing to determine whether an allergy whether common or not is causing your medical condition. The doctor also performs testing for potential hearing loss or conditions of the ears that may hinder your hearing. To schedule a consultation, contact the medical practice of Dr. Mark Montgomery or visit his website at


Your preferred throat doctor in Fort Myers presents you with invaluable medical treatment to assist in recovering from disorders or conditions that affect your ears, nose, and throat. This conditions include allergy symptoms, irritation of the throat, and potential hearing loss. These conditions may hinder your hearing, cause discomfort, or cause illness for unknown causes. Your ears, nose, and throat doctor will perform a complete evaluation to establish a diagnosis. To discuss conditions that are affecting you, contact Dr. Mark Montgomery.