How To Calm Down Your Kitten

By Mikael Rieck

There is nothing more innocent and peaceful looking than a fluffy little kitten. You just can’t help it you have to be the tiny little bundle of joy home with you. Something must have happened, somehow the sweet little creature that you picked out has been swapped out with the kitten that nightmares are made of.

The kitten is tearing up your house, biting your feet, scratching your furniture and running around chasing its own shadow so loud in the middle of the night that you can’t sleep. It is ok, before you bring in the priest and try to expel the evil; it is just a stage, it to will pass.

Think of your kitten as a toddler. You would never expect a toddler to sit perfectly still and be constantly calm. In fact if this happened you would probably think something is wrong and schedule a doctor appointment immediately. The same thing should be said about your kitten, it is healthy for a kitten to be playful, if at anytime she starts acting weak or lethargic it is impartitive that you seek veterinarian help immediately.


If you do not have kids yourself, you have seen other parents with their young children at the park, the kids are running around like crazy and the parents are allowing it. It isn’t because they are irresponsible parents; it is because they have learned a valuable secret. The more the kids run around the more energy they expel, meaning that they will be tired sooner.

Your kitten is the same way. Play with them, take the time to wear them out and they will be calm when it is time to settle down. Every hour that you are home with your kitten you should commit at least ten minutes do doing nothing but playing with your kitten. Go to the pet store and purchase a toy, or even get a sting and have her chase it. Use your imagination, not only will this time together be a great bonding experience but it will also tire out your little ball of energy.

If your kitten is doing more than being playful, it is important to stop bad and hurtful habits before that kitten grows into a cat. Let’s use climbing the curtain as example. If you have tried wearing them out and they are still not breaking the habit of climbing the curtains it is important to take incorporate a punishment. Get a small spray bottle and fill it with water, every time that kitten is one the curtains spray her soon she will associate the bad behavior with the water and she will stop doing it.

As your kitten becomes more at home with your family the wildness with slowly wear off. It is important to let her know that you see that she is behaving. Reward her for lying calmly when it isn’t play time. Giving your kitten a treat for being good with make her want to do it more. The most important thing that you can do is remain patient. The kitten is just a baby and does not know how things work. You have to tell her what her boundaries are.

Yelling at your cat is not the answer, they will not respond to it. Let them play and play with them. Much to fast you will have a full grown cat on your hands, and you will be missing the entire cute little kitten things that they use to do. Take responsibility; make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into before you bring the cute little ball of fluff home. More times than not kittens get abandon because the owners weren’t prepaid for how to deal with them.

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