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The updates about the parking information are broadcasted at 16 : 10AM which can be listened on the radios of the car in and around three miles away from the airport. Few tampa airport parking tips are :

Where to park your vehicle :

1. Before parking your vehicle at tampa international airport. Note the level of garage and elevator closest to it. Take a reminder for parking, this card is located by the call buttons of the elevator and will help you locate your vehicle.

2. The sign board located just above the parking slot displays the row, color and parking level helps to find your vehicle.

Consider the following before leaving the vehicle :

1.) Check inside the vehicle to make sure all the belongings like laptops, mobiles, iPods, GPS service units or even the change are away from sight. It is recommended to lock the particulars in the car trunk for safety. And thus lock your vehicle.


Check the following after you return :

1.) Before walking to the garage or boarding the bus it is better to check if you are back to the same location where you parked your vehicle.

2.) The car or vehicle keys should be handy when you are returning back to the vehicle.

3.) Under situations when you are unable to locate the vehicle it is advised to contact the assistance phone for the parking operations located near the elevator.

During emergency :

1.) Dail 911. The police department will help you with the same emergency.

2.) If there is a lack of an emergency phone booth or cell phone. Please find the nearest elevator which will have the assistance phone. The phone will provide access to other contacts like the police, airport or any other help.

Tampa International Airport accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or even cash. The different parking facilities include;

Valet parking in this capital parking, the vehicle clearance is 6 feet and 8 inches. It has a twenty four hour drop off and pick up facility of the short term garage on the level 5. The cost is $2 per half an hour and $25 Maximum for 24 hrs

Short term parking it has the garage above the terminal and vehicle clearance of 6 feet and 8 inches. It has 24 hour operation. The parking is free under one hour. Above which it would cost 4 dollars till 80 minutes and additional $1 for every 20 minutes till 24 hours.

Long term garage parking the garage is adjacent to the Terminal with the vehicle clearance of 7 feet and 10 inches. The monorail to the terminal is found on Level 5 and the Pedestrian Walkways to the Terminal are found on the Level 2. It works for 24 hours. Parking is free for first one hour. Till 80 minutes costs $4 and additional 20 minutes $1 and $15 Maximum per 24 hours.

Economy parking and lot it runs 24 hours a day usually for every seven to ten mins. The Garage clearance is 8 feet and Lot clearance is 13 feet. A Restroom facility is also available. It will cost $1.00 per 20 minutes and $9 Max per 24 hrs.

Cell phone waiting lot in this category one has to park and wait till the concerned party has arrived and claimed the luggages only then they are allowed to proceed to the Terminal. The facilities include Flight information, rest rooms and free Wi-Fi.

Parking location reminder cards are available at every elevator in the garages or from the shuttle driver for Surface Parking If you cannot find your car when you return, use the Assistance phones near the elevators or in the bus shelters for location help.

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