Why You Should Consider An Experienced Trademark Attorney A Necessity Before And During The Application Process


As a business owner, it’s likely that your brand is important to you. For that reason, you may be considering applying for a trademark in order to help you legally protect it. While that may sound like an easy thing to do, many entrepreneurs are surprised to find out just how hard obtaining a trademark can be. Instead of taking risks with your brand, here’s why you should be hiring a qualified attorney for help.


Trademark SearchThere are already millions of trademarks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If the trademark you intend to register is in any way similar to an existing one, it is likely that your trademark application will be rejected. Unfortunately, many trademark applicants don’t know this before they file their application, and they waste a great deal of time and money filing an application that is unlikely to be approved. Fortunately, hiring a Trademark Attorney can help you avoid the mistake of applying for a trademark that has already been registered or that is similar to a current registered trademark. They are skilled at conducting trademark searches and will give you solid advice on how to move forward if your trademark has already been taken.

Complicated Application ProcessApplying for a trademark is not as simple as filling out and returning a form. There will be a stack of forms for you to complete, many which describe application requirements in complex legal terms. In addition to completing and signing forms, the application process also requires you to do the following:

  • Create accurate and detailed descriptions of every product or service that will bear your trademark
  • Possibly defend your trademark and prove why it shouldn’t be rejected
  • Respond to any objections to your trademark made by other companies trying to protect their brands

If you make the wrong move on any of your forms or in any of these three areas, you application could be doomed. Hiring a Trademark Attorney gives you a much better chance of avoiding this scenario.

Your brand is a vital part of the work that you do each day. If you’re thinking about applying for a trademark in order to help you protect that brand, call Edward L White PC Attorney At Law to learn more about how solid legal counsel can go a long way in helping you increase your chances of a successful application.